Episode 70 – Mental Health Part 2: Doctors Selling Medicine


with special guest Cory from School Sucks Live

The changes to the upcoming DSM V :: Cory gets even more super personal than the last time :: Celestina’s & Antigone’s psychological disorders

The Nightmare by Henry Fuseli

Pete Holmes, comedian


From the AMA website:

What new diagnoses are being considered for DSM-5? Might any diagnoses be eliminated?

With the interest in the revision of DSM, articles have appeared in the news media, speculating on the addition of potential new diagnoses. Most of this speculation has very little basis in fact. The goal of DSM is to establish clear criteria for diagnosing mental disorders, not to create medical conditions out of the full range of human behavior and emotions. Any new or substantially modified diagnosis will come about only after a comprehensive review of the scientific literature, and full discussion by the work group members with input by the DSM-5 Task Force and Advisors.

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