Welcome to Sex, Lies & Anarchy, the show where liberty gets personal

We tackle topics of the human condition. We happen to be politically active. We're interested in what makes people tick. Why the State keeps rearing its ugly head in every aspect of our lives. We're here to explore community, motivation, relationships, health, culture and science. And sex, right? Sex.


The show was founded in 2011 by three New Hampshire women, Kellie, Candy and Antigone. While Kellie and Antigone moved to New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project, Candy is a native. The three met in the thriving liberty community based in Manchester, NH. While Antigone still heads up the show, Candy is now a full-time mom and Kellie is up north focusing on her garden. Candy and Kellie still make guest appearances on the show.




AKA Tignacious D, was nurtured in the heaving bosom of the nanny state of the West, California. As her immigrant parents ran the rat race of modern American life, she was raised by her moonshiner grandfather and babushka-wearing, don't-take-no-shit grandmother. After film school with the hip lefties in San Francisco, and dabbling in the tech world of Silicon Valley, she escaped to the woods of New Hampshire to follow her true passions - food porn, venn diagrams and damning The Man.


Kellie is a formon (look it up) from Utah, where she grew up listening to Rush Limbaugh and watching war movies starring Mel Gibson. After nearly joining the United States Air Force in 2003, she met her first libertarian and spent the following years annoying friends and family by constantly quoting Ben Franklin and the Constitution. Don’t worry, listeners; she doesn’t do that anymore. In ’08 she moved to the Shire, fell into some shady company, and decided to start a podcast with a few of them. Despite whatever Antigone says, she is not a lesbian.


Candy was designed and manufactured in the Garden State by a UNIX instructor and a British nurse as the first of three exceptional girls. She moved to King of Prussia, the Keystone State, before coming home to the Shire* when she was six years old. She has made an educated choice to stay ever since. She was a Suzuki violinist at five, award-winning visual artist at eleven, and built her first 486** from parts her dumpster-diving Weird Uncle Jimbo found. A varsity softball pitcher, pep band flautist, Mathlete, achieved the Silver award in the Girl Scouts, in college was better known as Qwerty Pi: the hostess of the Sound of Light radio show, studied Mathematics and Physics, specializes in spoken accent in community theater, and currently has no marketable skills. She discovered people around the age of seven, and has never since been able to break the habit. Indeed, she can not understand how anyone could tire of the deep, fascinating, beautiful, immortal and complex creature known as Man. The meaning of life according to her is defined by people, God, and the connection and intimacy between them.


Lauren is a New Hampshire local who has been listening to SLA since its beginning. For years, she lived less than a mile from the studio, but was too shy to realize it. After the studio was robbed in early 2014, Lauren stepped in to assist, and with her technical background, she eventually became the show's producer. Lauren has a deep love for good music, and when she grows up, she wants to be a DJ at her own radio station. She is interested in hiking, camping, billiards, and being sent chocolates by podcast listeners. Everything Lauren ever says is completely serious. Her escapades can be viewed on-line here.