Episode 130 – Compromise

130w/Lauren & Poezebel

Is compromise a virtue? :: Political Buzzword, The Great :: The Abilene Paradox :: Compromise and sacrifice in romantic relationships :: 'Full House' star says she's 'submissive' to her husband :: Antigone compromises her anarcho-street-cred :: Anarchists compromising in politics :: Lauren and Antigone devise an orange vest plan

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  • Invi says:

    “Anarchists can vote, right? Why not?”
    “Because it’s consent!”
    Not verbatim.

    I don’t vote not so much because it’s consent, but that it’s on some level voting to use force against individuals.
    If you vote for a ruler and they are elected, they sign & enforce laws, which are backed by force.
    If you vote for a legislator, they write laws that, if passed, are backed by force.
    If you vote for laws and they pass, they are backed by force.

    I don’t see it so much as consenting to the system as participating in using force against others.
    If it were a vote for a piece of legislation that actually reduces government power (full decriminalization of a controlled substance with no regulation or taxation, for instance) and doesn’t force anyone to do anything, that I might vote for.

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