What’s In a Name? The Future of Sex, Lies & Anarchy


This year has been the most difficult yet for Sex, Lies & Anarchy. Our studio was robbed in January where I, Antigone, personally lost over $3000. Without a home, the remaining equipment had to be let go for cheap in the interest of sanity. We had to change our Bitcoin wallet (still trying to recover the original). We barely got the new page up with the help of listeners from many different time zones. While the design is new, we haven’t added all the features we set out to. We still have so much more we want to do but, we are still facing obstacles.

The show was started by three individuals, each handling parts of the whole that it takes to produce the show and related content. While Lauren has been the closest thing to a God-send as an atheist will ever know, I am out of ideas. I struggle to come up with new content each week. I toyed, half-seriously, with changing the tag line of the show to “Antigone’s downward spiral” since the content was being pulled from whatever I happened to be reading that week. But, without partners to bounce ideas off of and to be be bounced upon (?!) the ideas have not been ripe. A week is not enough time for me to develop my ideas well enough to form a comprehensive package to deliver. Something I can back up. Something I can argue. Something I can make controversial remarks about and maybe, even be funny.


I’m not as cynical as I used to be. I continue to make changes in my life that lead me to be less boisterous than I once was. I’ve relied too much on what the Facebook algorithm has shown me. I don’t want to “report” what latest shenanigans Anita Sarkeesian and Lindy West are up to. I don’t want to react to feminists, though, as many listeners have pointed out, I am a feminine voice that’s “sane” (a term with *a lot* of baggage).

So what’s next? We’re taking this week off and will return for 7 more episodes before taking an extended break for the winter. Next week, I’d like to address my absence from Facebook that was bestowed upon me starting November 7th. The week of Thanksgiving, Nikki Darling, a frequent co-host on Freedom Feens, will be joining me for a special episode. With just 5 episodes left after that, what would you like to hear us talk about and with which guests?

While I have your attention, I’d like to suggest that you take a few minutes and download your content from Facebook. To download your information, go to your Settings and click Download a copy of your Facebook data.

Namaste and Other Hippie Shit,

Antigone Darling
My Real Fucking Name

Aaaand, We’re Back!

After more than a year of talking about it, we’ve finally moved the site over so that we can have more control over it. Currently, all comments on past episodes are missing. That content is backed up and will be posted in their appropriate locations soon. This shouldn’t be an issue again as we will now “own” the comments rather than a third-party. (In the original version of this site, the “owner” of the comments was Disqus.)

We’ll be up and running on our regular schedule this week, 7pm Eastern every first Tuesday of the month and 9pm every other Tuesday. You can tune in live on our ustream channel and call in using Skype. You can add us using “sexliesanarchy.”

We’re always looking for new topics to cover, so email us with your suggestions/questions.